#FreshLookFriday: Entryway Upgrade

#FreshLookFriday: Entryway Upgrade

There are two reasons for decorating: making a happy home, and a good impression on your guests. For each of these reasons, the first thing one sees when they walk in makes a bold statement about your home life. Is it family in the kitchen filling the home with delicious smells, ready for a warm embrace? Is it a cozy living room that invites all who enter to take a load off and relax? Maybe it’s an impressive staircase that makes for a bold, beautiful statement!

For our new home, it was a unique combination of a convenient coat closet and right-there stairs that lead to a beautiful landing. The landing, boasting a french door and a window that offers a sneak-peak into our beautiful sunroom, had SO. MUCH. ROOM! It certainly wasn’t what we expected for an entryway, but I instantly saw its potential to be transformed into a charming, welcoming entryway with plenty of room for us to kick our shoes off and a deep breath at the end of the day. There was just one problem-the COLOR! To me, it felt…vanilla. This room had SO much more potential than vanilla! So, hubby and I got to work painting in the beautiful shade of “Gray Owl” by Behr.

Have you ever painted with your significant other? Let me tell you…unless you like to paint, it can be a CHALLENGE! I learned very, very quickly that my husband is NOT a fan of painting. This, for me, was kind of a letdown as I was super excited about the project, but lucky for me he’s a good sport and seeing how happy it made me he stuck it through. We’re both so glad he did-now, the room looks ten times better! On first application, if you’ve never used this particular shade before, it can appear almost white in its first coat. Trust me, keep going..it’s not! Since we had such a light base to begin with, we wound up only needing that one coat to bring out the light grey I fell for in that hardware store.

Once the walls were ready and the paint had dried came my favorite part: decorating! We chose a Boston theme since we’re close to the city, and centered the room around one of my favorite canvases of the Boston waterfront. Underneath it, I placed a cozy chair with an accent pillow and a light grey & white small quatrefoil rug that matched the walls so well. For the window, I chose to go with curtains that were a darker grey but had a light white overlay to them, and silver rods that complimented the grey, white and hints-of-black color scheme. On the wall, I also placed a black whiteboard calendar so that as my husband and I are coming and going we can take a quick peek to make sure we’re keeping up with each other’s schedules and important family birthdays, holiday weekends, all that jazz. Underneath it, we do plan to add a shoe rack/side table that will make for a nice accent…I just haven’t found “the one” yet!

Unpacking that statement, not quite finding the one yet, it’s something that I personally feel is SO important. I know, when you’re redoing a room, you want it all done NOW, right?! Just like last week’s “rule of three” color scheme tip, I’m offering you a new one today: BE. PATIENT. I know, it’s hard and quite honestly one of my least favorite things to do. Especially when I’m blogging about this room, I want it to be fully completed, but here’s the thing: you can’t rush perfection. Sure, I could have settled for the first rack I saw on Amazon (which by the way, DOES have an amazing selection!), but I have a vision. I’m not letting my vision for this room, which will also include a chandelier as soon as we can safely bring in an electrician to hang it’s safe to do so and the virus has passed, be compromised by ANYTHING. Besides, my goal for today was to teach you two things:

  1. A coat of paint can work WONDERS
  2. Using patience is KEY to following the rule of three colors until you feel like it’s exactly what you want.

We all by now have heard Marie Kondo’s rule, if it doesn’t make you happy, don’t bring it in. This echoes a theory by William Morris, “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” It’s one of the quotes that first got me interested in interior decorating & design, and was a huge inspiration for me while I worked for a corporate home decor company in Boston. Yes, this means you’re going to have to look in many different places until you find all the right accents. The rug, chair and pillows were from Wayfair, but the picture the room was centered around came from T.J. Maxx, my beautiful whiteboard calendar from Homegoods, and the frame the bottom photo is on from Christmas Tree. It’s taken me YEARS of sourcing for these all to fit together in this way, in the right room, now- and I had many other old things I considered using but didn’t, as well as adding new things. The point is, it takes time and searching for a room to really look like a magazine. “I couldn’t find what I wanted so I just bought this even though it doesn’t match” is a frame of mind that can distract from the entire atmosphere of the room, without even meaning to. Instead, think outside the box: can you paint/spray paint something the right color to match? Can you ask your friends for stores or websites you maybe haven’t tried yet? If you REALLY love something that doesn’t fit, are you willing to change the room around to fit that specific piece? These are all questions that it’s okay to ask, and are common ones you should be asking in every room of your home you touch.

Of course, there are certain things you can’t change sometimes. We weren’t able to change the floors & trim since we’re just renting and were only approved for paint. Ideally, I’d like new white trim, new white doors, the works! Sometimes, you won’t be able to change certain aspects of a home especially while renting like appliances, countertops, floors, and most times even the walls. It’s your ability to work within your limits and stick to your goal that matters, and if you ever need some advice on how to do that in a challenge room, don’t hesitate to email me and I’ll be glad to give you the best guidance I can: emmalyn@emmalynreid.com 🙂