#FreshLookFriday: Make Your Own Holiday Wreath In 5 Easy Steps!

‘Tis the season to be decorating every inch of the house with holiday cheer, and this year’s big trend is wreath making! Here’s how you can make a unique wreath at home in 5 easy steps. All it took for me was one trip to the Dollar Store to grab everything I’d need!

  1. Select & fan out your wreath – Once you’ve picked out your perfect wreath as a base, make sure to fan out the sides by pulling & adjusting the wire (or branches if you’ve picked a real one!). I chose a white wire wreath as my base.
  2. Stamp ribbon- Select stamps that fit the theme of your wreath, and decorate your ribbon. Make sure to leave time to let the ink dry!
  3. Add the foliage – Grab some super glue (don’t glue your fingers together like me!), and add in some accent branches/flowers. I chose some shiny, gold foliage and a bow in the center.
  4. Glue Ribbon – Glue the tip of your ribbon underneath your wreath’s foliage as a starting point.
  5. Wrap ribbon- Then, wrap it around & make sure to glue the other end at the top once you’ve wrapped back around!

Follow this 1 min tutorial video above to see the step-by-step instructions!

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