#FreshLookFriday: Creating The Perfect Coffee Corner

When I first wake up in the morning before my feet hit the ground, there is one thing that makes getting out of my warm, cozy bed acceptable: COFFEE! Of course, no one wants to be stumbling around in the morning wondering where the last person that used the sugar left it, if your favorite mug is clean, or-THE VERY WORST SITUATION POSSIBLE- if there’s even any coffee left! Let’s avoid all that, shall we?

The coffee corner is literally the easiest home hack that anyone can do, but it’s not something everyone would think of. Let me tell you though, if you don’t have one yet and are a coffee lover, it’s about to be your new favorite place. First, make sure you have enough space for whatever your source is. Are you a french press person like me? Are you a Keurig user? Classic pot? Or, do you prefer cold brew? Either way, other than the cold brew (which should definitely stay in the fridge), make sure your desired area has a plug and either plenty of counter space, or its own little table.

Second, pick out a tray to set everything on because at some point, you know those grounds or maybe even the whole cup might be lost to a case of the Mondays! In those horrifying situation, it’s best to keep the mess contained. What easier way to do that then having a cute little tray to put everything on? Also, from a decor aspect, things just plain for whatever reason look more organized when they’re placed on a tray. I don’t know why, but it’s magic that turns what looks like counter clutter into a purposeful space.

On top of the tray, place your two favorite mugs (making sure they match both your kitchen aesthetic & each other) so you always have a spare handy. It also looks inviting for guests that you have more than one mug out – sharing is caring, after all! Now, it’s time for your accessories. If you use coffee pods, there are some great coffee pod racks that can hold them on Amazon or, you can just use a cute basket you have at home. For the sugar (I love using these little sugar cubes!), while you can buy mason jars pretty much anywhere, I recommend using one with a sealed lid or a fitting jar you can find around the house. After all, this is a simple project-there’s no reason to spend money unless you absolutely don’t have anything at all to use.

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