Cape Cod Police K9 Fundraiser: Warm Hearts Support Cold Noses

YARMOUTH- When I was young, I remember being taught that “to be on time, is to be late”. While some days being ‘on time’ can be easier than others for all of us, the moment I turned the corner into The Yarmouth House parking lot for the Cape Cod Police K9 Fundraiser that lesson was staring me straight in the face. I realized that while the event may have had only minutes before it began, it was already a challenge to find a parking space: something that I believe speaks to just how strongly supported the organization is.

This comes as no surprise, however. From the day that I first met Joe for lunch at a local Panera Bread, his passion for his mission was crystal clear to support local K9 officers & their partners. “I know firsthand because I was a handler, the dogs will give their life for the handler. I think they need 3-4 years to retire and be a dog again, but when the dogs retire the departments won’t pay for them anymore. So my foundation, the vet sends us the bill and we pay the vet bills,” he explains, remembering the moment he first realized he wanted to take on the task of helping others to keep their retired partners healthy. “I think I woke up at two in the morning with this idea wanting to start a 501c3,” he says, chuckling. Yet the work he’s been able to accomplish is no joke, and Ambrosini says he feels fortunate to continue to receive such overwhelming support that helps make his dream of caring for others a reality. “One year, I skipped (the event) because I felt bad for all the people donating to us. Then I was getting phone calls, asking me, ‘Why didn’t you call us?’ I said, ‘I was trying to give you a break!’ and they said ‘No. There are some foundations we give to, and you’re one of them’.”

One of those sponsors is Joseph Carr of Josh Wines, a local Dennis resident himself that travels back and forth from Cape Cod to California to produce his well-known label. “He came in, introduced himself-I didn’t know who he was-he brought this big bottle of wine and he said, ‘I want you to have this and use this in the raffle. I’m going to California, when I come back I’ll get ahold of you-I want to help you with your foundation,” A Cape Cod resident himself, Joseph Carr has continued come back every year since. This year, Carr brought with him the number one selling wine in the country: Josh Cabernet Sauvignon. As he signed bottles, he answered the burning question I’ve had for a long time as a Josh wine drinker myself: Who is Josh? “Josh is a brand that was dedicated to my late father, he was a lumberjack in Vermont,” Carr explained. “That was his nickname-his real name was Joe, but he used to race stock cars and had a bunch of guys that would call him Josh,” Carr said with a smile.

Why does Carr continue to donate to the Cape Cod Police K9 Relief Fund? With several uncles having served on the force, Carr understands just how much of a toll it can take on both humans and their K-9 partners. Talking with Ambrosini, we learned there are currently 14 dogs currently being cared for with the help of the foundation. “Just recently, from the town of Yarmouth’ an officer’s dog ate a towel and he didn’t digest it, so they had to go in and get it. That was roughly $4,000, and if you have a dog-or any kind of animal-if you have to bring them to the vet, it’s not cheap,” says Ambrosini.

Want to learn more about the Cape Cod Police K9 Relief fund or get on board for their next event? Visit their website at: and make sure you check out the video below!

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