Local Postmaster Warns of “Porch Pirates”

MARLBOROUGH- You’ve hit the order button on those last minute gifts for the holidays, fighting the clock against inclement weather and the dreaded thought of your precious presents being suddenly “lost in transit”. Yet there’s one more threat that might be right in your own community: so-called “porch pirates” bold enough to take packages right from your front doorstep.

“There are plenty of thieves out there that will either trail UPS trucks or FedEx trucks, and once the driver leaves they will go and swipe the packages,” says Nicholas Tselikis, Postmaster for the City of Marlborough. While the United States Post Office does carry heavy penalties for package theft, Tselikis says different laws apply for UPS and FedEx carriers-and thieves know it. “I think our thieves have become a little bit more educated on if they steal a postal package it is a fedaral crime versus a state crime.”

The good news? Tselikis says here in Marlborough, there are several ways to protect those holiday presents. “You can always have the shipper send the package either certified, registered, or signature required, hold your mail at the local post office, you can have your neighbors retrieve your packages.”

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