#FeelGoodFriday: Thrive Support & Advocacy Hosts FREE Fun Fest!

On Saturday, July 15th, Thrive Support & Advocacy held its annual Thrive Fun Fest in Hudson and it was absolutely perfect. (**PAUSE**: For those who have no idea what “Thrive” is, they’re a support & advocacy group for those with special needs and disability that serves as an outlet for them to explore their passions, dreams, and learn how to be the best version of themselves. They’re based in MetroWest Massachusetts, but are happy to welcome anyone who comes to them.)

Volunteers, members and supporters all enjoyed an afternoon filled with activities such as mini golf, face painting, raffles, dancing, and even a dunk tank. “All of us have abilities, all of us have dreams, all of us have a life that we want to live. What we really do is to help some people who need a little assistance getting to the same starting point that everyone else enjoys,” says Mike Rodrigues, President & CEO of Thrive.  “(The festival is) really a day for all of us as a community to get together.”

There was one boy in particular who stood out to me wearing a shirt that read “Autistic Kingdom”, who came up as soon as he saw the camera come on and was very excited to learn about what I was doing with it. “I am a celebrity in my own right,” he said directly into the camera, happy to be filmed and talk with me about his favorite parts of the festival. He explained to me how Thrive has encouraged him to explore his gifts; detailing his many talents (including his love of writing). This boy is just one of many that Thrive has been able to help along the way, and I met dozens of others each with a unique history with the group that prove just how happy this organization makes so many people.

How can you help support Thrive? Visit http://www.icanthrive.org to learn more about volunteering, donating, and how you can help others Thrive.