Figawi Regatta Weekend 2017

Hope everyone enjoyed a beautiful Memorial Day Weekend! Most of us can agree that up here in New England, the weather was a bit dreary..but that didn’t stop racers at the Figawi Regatta 2017 from getting out in the water.

WMCT followed the race closely on the press boat, Loose Cannon (shout out to Julie andimage1 John for being such amazing hosts!), to keep up with the racers and go a little bit behind the scenes. We know ALL about the infamous Figawi Tent Party, but wanted to learn more about what it’s like to be at that Hyannis starting line with over 200 boats surrounding you, what the prep work was that went into racing, and what some of the dangers are on the water.

We also stopped by the Figawi Charity Ball, which has been a crucial event in helping the Figawi Charity to raise over $200,000 per year to give out to local organizations that would otherwise go without.

To see the full story, watch the video below!