Set On Stone

If you consider yourself a hair stylist, or just someone who enjoys the benefits of having great hair: STOP. EVERYTHING. There is a man on this earth that has been striving to provide the world of hair with the precious gift of nutrients actually IN his styling products, and they smell like a tiny slice of heaven. His name is Mitch Stone, and while you might not know it yet, you owe Mitch a HUGE thank you.

Mitch started his training under the co-founder for Sebastian International Rossella Cusenza, and has since been recruited to style for runway shows by clients such as Giorgio Armani and Adrienne Vittadini. He has styled for productions such as ‘America’s Next Top Model’, ‘Lemony Snicket’s Series of Unfortunate Events’, ‘Iron Man 2’, ‘Planet Of The Apes’ and dozens of other award-winners.

Mitch Stone and his assistant J.R. working on myself and Scarlett Tamburro at Gillette Stadium on Monday.

I had the pleasure of sitting in Mitch’s chair as a hair model on Monday as he and his Emmy-nominated assistant J.R. showed off the phenomenal product line at Gillette Stadium. Surprisingly simple, the impressively down-to-earth Mitch Stone showed us that he only needs a few items for his clients (which include Cameron Diaz, Demi Moore, and Tyra Banks to name a few). In his kit was: a good Mason Pearson, stylists’ comb, and four products: Texturizing Spray, Lustre Drops, Set In Stone Firm Hold Hairspray and Session Spray. The pair worked several styles on model Scarlett Tamburro and I, working their fingers quickly through our long locks to create several different looks with minimal product. The secret ingredient: VComps. 

It might seem dramatic (never said I wasn’t), but I literally tossed my shampoo & conditioner after learning what VComps were and trying it for myself. VComps are “a proprietary blend of carefully-curated vitamins, minerals and oils, swirled together in a lush papaya base”. The papaya part of this blend is actually the best part, as it came not randomly from a lab but from a firsthand experience for Mitch. When he was traveling, he became ill and was cared for by local natives who continued to insist he eat papaya. Within a few hours, Mitch began to feel better and contacted his lab. “What about papaya? What are the benefits?” The rest is history, and I was itching to try it myself after the pair had done such beautiful work on my mane. I found a little bit went a long way with both the shampoo and conditioner. Not only did it smell like what you’d imagine pure luxury would, but my hair felt-I don’t know how else to say this-FULLY washed.

Of course, this line is not for everyone and I’ll admit I’ve become a changed person because of it. You’re looking at a girl who washed her hair with store brand shampoo and conditioner and styled with icky, sticky, DON’T TOUCH MY HAIR spray. Now, I’m set on Stone products that are only available online exclusively through selected salons and prices at $36 for the shampoo/conditioner set or $91 for the entire Absolute Essentials Kit. (This has become one of those things that I’ll brag all day to my girlfriends about, but absolutely NEVER bring up to the boyfriend.) 

Check out Mitch’s website to, as he puts it, “treat yourself”: