Figawi Weekend 2015

After all of 25 years growing up on Cape Cod, you’d have thought at some point that I’d have made it over to Nantucket for Figawi. Honestly, I’d never really paid too much attention to the Hyannis-based sailing race (despite the fact that it’s been going on since 1972 and anyone who’s ANYONE goes to this thing), but this year I decided was the year. Let me tell you, for a small island, Nantucket sure knows how to throw a PARTY!

From the minute I stepped off the Loose Cannon with my fellow reporters and set foot on the dock, it was a party. The boats tied up next to ours were already pre-gaming and the streets a cobblestone maze of party-goers looking for a bar with a perfect combo of both a good scene and the highest probability of catching a bartender’s attention for a drink. Luckily, we found such a gem at Nautilus and kept the bar hop going so you can learn all the best places to be for next year- including VIP access to the tent party (even if you didn’t score a coveted blue bracelet or a whale hat).