Jack Daniels Heats Up Kings Boston With Launch Party!

It was cold. It was dreary. It was miserable. I hated everyone and everything that got in my way, and just like the rest of Boston I couldn’t wait for the first day where I could step outside and call myself warm. I couldn’t take one more minute. 

Lucky for me, Dirty Water TV sent me on a hot mission: to test out Jack Daniels Fire Cinnamon Whisky at Kings Boston in Back Bay. From ice luges to bowling and some (#noshame) Taylor Swift dancing, check out what videographer John Field captured of the night when Boston met Jack Fire.

Sunday River: Best Place To Ski (Ever)?

Personally, when I hit the slopes it’s definitely something worth grabbing a camera for. No, not because I’m about to host a segment-because I am absolutely terrible at skiing and there is a 99.9% chance that you will catch a YouTube-worthy fall. Thankfully, the guys and gals over at Dirty Water TV spared me such humiliation and let me stick to talking to people who actually know what they’re doing. In honor of #FlashbackFriday, watch me catch up with some longtime Sunday River skiers who gave me the scoop on the best things to do.